What’s So Special?

Most of the edibles you purchase from a dispensary are made with just a THC extracted distillate. I believe in using the whole flower that includes all of the terpenes in the plant. It creates a more medicinal effect. The feeling received is more mellow, more body-wide and less of a head high.

I take the whole flower and decarboxylate it into coconut oil using a slow, 5 hour process. The coconut oil is never heated in a microwave, only in a warm water bath on the stove to preserve the live properties. The oil is then measured into the cookies very carefully and mixed thoroughly to ensure a correct dose and an even distribution.

I use a hybrid of Sativa and Indica to give a balanced, steady effect that neither brings you too high (paranoid feeling) or too low (sleepy feeling).

I continue to test and adjust my cookies according to lots and lots of feedback.

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