What to Expect

It is recommended to eat a meal before or after your edible. The digestion of your meal helps metabolize the terpenes in the edible. If you are not experiencing any result after attempts at eating edibles, try eating a fat along with the edible, such as avocado or bacon.

One hour after eating your edible, you will start to feel very relaxed. You may feel a warmth running down your arms and legs. Your breathing will deepen.

Two hours after eating your edible, your feeling of relaxation will be at it’s peak. Edibles do not take away all pain, but they help relax you and draw your concentration away from the pain. You may experience a very happy attitude. You may experience a feeling of nostalgia or peace. Your thoughts will be clear and focused. You may feel deepened emotions.
If you are thinking of boosting what you’re feeling, now would be the time to eat another edible.

Three hours after, your euphoria will start to decrease. You will probably have “cotton mouth” and feel the need to drink something.

Four hours after, you will feel a mixture of hungry and sleepy. Now would be a great time to fall into a deep, restful sleep or eat some snacks.

Five hours after you’ve eaten your edible, your body will be back to normal. It will happen so slowly that you may not notice anything.

In my years of my own experimentation and talking to other users, THC mixed with CBD (the whole herb) is used for the following ailments:
Pain, insomnia, headaches, migraines, anxiety, depression, stomach upset, tremors and seizures.

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